This week we are reading up on various travel blogs and websites in some preparation for our round the world trip planning. I have always had a love for the big cat family, so one of my musts is to travel to Africa and experience them in their natural habitat.. and what better way to do this by going on safari and visiting a Cheetah breeding program in Zambia and volunteering for a couple of weeks to really get that true experience. As a conservation company, Mukuni Big 5 looks to be one of the highlighted being so close to Victoria Falls. The Volunteer Program aims to breed and release animals into professionally managed Wildlife Reserves all around Zambia so I am happy that they have a genuine interest in the endangered species and want nothing but the best for them. As we are starting to find our favourite places to pin on the map, it soon dawns on you that you literally can’t see and do everything you want. We would rather travel slow and experience what the World has to offer, rather than following the tourist route. Let’s get off onto the beaten track and really see what life is like on the other side!

To help feed our NEED to travel, this weekend we are visiting Destinations: The Holiday & Travel Show in London. Preparing ourselves to come back with pockets stuffed with rolled up brochures from the show, we will be giving a review after! No travel show would be complete without a visit to the ‘Taste the World’ stand where we’ll be able to try incredible flavours and sensations from around the world. This includes us trying (if we dare) Reindeer Sausages, Thai Curry Crickets, Giant Toasted Leafcutter Ants and more! – Pictures to follow!

Round the World Pins Issue #2

What better way to inspire you and ourselves to travel with our latest issue of our favourite pins from around the world!

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