Last weekend started off like any other normal weekend for us.. BUT! with the power of social media and a work colleague sharing the news, it saw us do something for the greater good (for the ducks anyway!). They say news travels fast, and it really does. Never underestimate the power of social media and some friendly people out there who want to see some good in the world.

Okay you may now be wondering what this post is all about, let us explain without using too many quacking puns!

We saved the ducks!

save 3000 Chelmsford Ducks

Well, maybe not all 3000 of them, but we managed a reasonable 7 who now have a beautiful home on our natural lake / pond (it’s huge!). The background story is very sad, the duck supplier, supplied too many males that were over mating the females and killing them. Leaving the farmer in serious debt, they couldn’t afford to feed the ducks any longer. Luckily the farmer of Norton Field Farm preferred to see the ducks be rescued from a certain gloomy future, which amazingly took Twitter and Facebook by storm.

Thankfully by Sunday evening all 3000 ducks had been saved after a great effort of the public reaching out to as many people as they could..

Here are our ducks making themselves at home, we will never forget the moment of releasing them and giving them a brand new life, a life of outdoors and to see the world they live on (instead of inside a duck shed). Sometimes we take living things for granted and close our eyes to things we don’t like around us. I am so glad people took notice and helped to save these poor ducks from a sad future to give them life all over again!

I think it’s safe to say I don’t think we’ll be eating duck any time soon now they’ve captured our hearts – but the duck eggs taste absolutely amazing 😉

Oh and don’t worry, when we are travelling the ducks will be cared for! 😀

Have you done anything for the greater good? What names do you think we should call our ducks? Let us know in the comments below