There are various companies offering private jet charter services over the internet. To make it easy, these websites typically contain a private jet rental cost estimator tool to help you to calculate how little your extra privacy and luxury may actually cost you. It is worth paying for the privilege of avoiding the hustle and bustle at airports, and as a business, you might be able to use the time that can be wasted at airports when on a conventional flight more productively.

What Will the Cost Estimator Ask Me?

To estimate the cost of your flight, you will simply be asked to enter your Departure and Destination Airport or City, along with your email address to receive the estimate back.  The computer program will then do the rest. This is a way of making a quick comparison between private jet and other flying options. You will, of course, need to factor in yourself: time efficiency, convenience, and privacy, and all the other things that you will lose by flying on a commercial airline.

How does my Air Charter Service work out the Cost?

The kinds of costs that your air charter service provider will factor in will include such things as: the type of aircraft required due to the size of your group, the amount of fuel required for the distance that you wish to fly, a pilot to fly the aircraft, and wages for the staff who will attentively service your needs. Larger planes on longer flights will require more fuel. They will also require more staff to provide a personal service to a greater number of passengers. Private Jet providers will have fixed costs to factor in, such as insurance and on-going maintenance to keep the aircraft functioning and safe. This will all be considered when pricing each flight. The on-board facilities and catering will come at a cost. It inevitably costs more if you are not returning on the same day, as the pilot will be flying back in an empty plane. This makes private jets particularly cost-effective when flying to and from an international business meeting in the same day.

Surely Private Jets are Expensive to Hire – should I even enter My Details?

It is becoming easier and quicker to find out how much chartering a private jet costs due to companies providing cost estimators on their websites. It costs nothing to enter your details and find out how much you could charter a plane for. Internet research suggests a figure of between $1,300 and $3,000 per flying hour for a smaller jet seating up to 6 passengers, and between $4,000 and $8,000 for a medium-sized jet seating up to 9 passengers. Larger private jets can, of course, be hired for larger business groups, teams of sports player, or wedding parties. Families can go on holiday altogether to the most exotic of locations for a combined figure that can be shared between them.

By buying an individual seat, it is possible to experience the luxury of private flying at a faction of the cost it would be to fly commercially, whether first class or business class.

For more information on the costs of chartering, take a look at this private jet article. Then, consider using a cost estimator tool. These are provided on websites such as, who offer a cost estimating service. 

The choice is yours, but why not give a cost estimator a try and see how much you can fly in style for? You owe it to yourself to find the option that agrees not only with your finances, but which offers you the comforts that air travel ought to provide.