The UK has so much more to offer than people realise. Most of us living in the UK are now so focused on living our lives and the stresses it has to behold. We rarely take the time to enjoy the country that we’re living in and all that it has to offer. In fact, we’re far more inclined to book a holiday abroad to get away from the madness for a week or two. But why not explore some of the cities that the UK has to offer. A good old city break is something that can’t be beat, especially during the months that are about to come. One of the things we do take for granted in the UK are the seasons, and we’re heading towards a spring and summer that we hope are going to be two of the best seasons to date. So, we’re going to talk you through some of the best cities that the UK has to offer and why you should be booking a nice weekend break to one of them. 

The Main Attraction

The main attraction for anyone from outside of the UK coming in is London. It’s full of such vibrancy and character that it’s a hard place to try and avoid when coming to the UK. City of London hotels are actually far cheaper than people realise. It’s easy to think that because it’s such a big city with so much going on that the hotel prices would be through the roof, but you’d be surprised. There’s also the notion that the cost of living, or the cost of being there for a weekend, is so high, but it’s really not. What you’ll find is quirky cafes in abundance, individually owned restaurants selling out of this world food, and all of the tourist attractions that you could wish for. From the Palace to the London Bridge, all you have to do is walk around for the day and you’ll tick a few things off your list. 

The Wonders Of The North

The north of the UK has just as much to offer as the south, and the people living in the north will say that the north is far better. One city we’d recommend that you visit is Liverpool. If you can get yourself there for a weekend in summer when the sun is shining, you’ll have an unforgettable time. The vibe of Liverpool is just great. Eating at one of the many restaurants at the docks and then going for cocktails is a must. There is plenty to do there in terms of exploring. The Tate is a firm favourite, as is a walk around the cathedral. 

Staying South 

Going back down to the south and actually not from London, we want to talk about Brighton. A city full of so much spirit and things to do. From the I360 which will take you up into the sky for drinks and great views, to the cobbled tiny streets that are built for exploring. A night away in Brighton will make you realise what a good vibe the city has, and spending the day on the pier when the weather is nice can’t be beaten.