We set off to explore the Tara River just before sun rise. A 3 hour drive from Bar in Montenegro, but don’t let that put you off as it’s worth every moment. The route was actually very straight forward thanks to Montenegro having only a few main roads.

Tara-Canyon-Montenegro-Adam Tara-Canyon-Montenegro-Kate

As we caught our first glimpses of the Tara River, we pulled over into a lay by, got out of the car, and just stood in awe. One of the lovely things about the Tara Canyon compared to the Grand Canyon is the fact it’s not busy. Nobody else was there to spoil our moment. It’s just you pretty much alone with your own thoughts as you gaze out. For me that’s what instantly make this my favourite.

Tara-Canyon-Montenegro Tara-CanyonAll I can say is welcome to the beautiful Tara Canyon, home to the exciting, wild and untameable Tara river.

Did you know…

The Tara Canyon is one of the main reasons we came to explore Montenegro. The ‘tear of Europe’ takes a proud second place on the world list when it comes to size, directly behind the Grand Canyon. The Tara River’s cascading waters cut a deep path, winding through the mountains, boasting rich sapphire colours with over 50 water rapids ready to take you on the ride of your life!

The Tara is a 3 – 5 volume level on the international scale of river categorization. This means that the Tara water level varies depending on the season. As we visited in late September, the high waters from Spring had already gone, to give us a more gentle but still wild ride.

We booked our Tara River Rafting tour with TaraSport who provided a truly unforgettable experience. Located just across the Montenegrin border in Bosnia and Herzegovina is actually right where you want to be to glimpse the most attractive parts of the Tara River.

As soon as we arrived, Igor and his team couldn’t do enough for us – a very friendly atmosphere to welcome a full day of rafting! Very excited to get out on the water 😀

On go the neoprene suits, boots, protective vests and helmets!

We met up shortly after getting into our gear with a fellow Brit and an Australian who were to be joining us on our first river rapid adventure. This rafting tour is actually within the last 25km of the Tara River, known for its outstanding beauty.

And the Rafting begins! Well, just a 30 min drive to Brštanovica first. After the included 4×4 off-road experience to get there, a few safety briefings later and off we go!

The Beautiful, Tara River.

I will let the photos speak for themselves..

tarasport river rafting

Tara River Rafting 2

Tara River Rafting

Tarasport River Rafting Montenegro

tara river rafting

Tara River Rafting Montenegro

Tara River Rafting

Tara River Rafting Video!

Did I mention TaraSport record the whole trip on GroPro’s for you? How Awesome right?

The Rapids are CRAZY but we loved them! Yeeehewww!

If all of that still isn’t enough for you, remember to watch out for bears, wolves, wild boar, chamois, deer, fox, Golden eagles, big grouse & rabbits that all live within the surrounding forests. You can also discover trout, grayling, huchen and carp in Tara’s water. When you read this online or from a guide-book, you never really expect to ever see anything but to our great surprise we were lucky enough to have a mother brown bear climb up the mountain right in front of us, with 2 bear cubs following behind 😀

As you can probably tell, we had an amazing experience – what a hidden treasure! Both of us had no white water rafting experience (not unless you call kayaking around a lake any help?!), but we’ve never felt safer on the water and now thoroughly recommend giving river rafting a go.

Tara Canyon Waterfall

Tara Canyon Waterfall 2

Tara Canyon Montenegro

For more information check out the TaraSport website – www.tarasportrafting.com –  and they have heaps of awesome pics over on their Facebook Page too!


**PLEASE NOTE – we received a complimentary Tara River Rafting day courtesy of the awesome guys at TaraSport, but rest assure all opinions are honest and our own**