Are you looking to learn a language? Dared yourself to learn one of the hardest languages? Or just maybe you’ve added learning something new onto your bucket list. Well this week we take a look at which languages are the easiest to learn (phew! 😛 ) and which ones are a little more taxing for the native English speaker!

Having learnt both French and Spanish at school, I feel I should have kept it up as now I don’t feel nowhere near as confident… So without further ado, what are the hardest languages to learn?

The Hardest Languages to Learn

Feeling inspired? Are you going to try learn a language this year? If so let us know what! Or maybe you already speak fluent in Spanish or even Korean – how long did it take you to learn?

Our bucket list includes us holding a conversation without using any English… I wonder what country / language we will choose! 😀