A massive thank you goes to Olivia at oliviaexplores.com, who very kindly appreciated our travel blog so much that we’ve been nominated for our first award. We have put great efforts into setting the blog up, with the design and attention to detail, so it’s great for it all to be appreciated 🙂

Adam and Kate are two fellow Brits who run one kick-ass travel blog. I found their blog through a few comments Adam left on my own blog so I decided to snoop onto their’s and was blown away by how great it is. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a cool blog design. Their posts are interesting and well-written, trust me you’ll be glad you found their site.

Our travel blog is still way in its infancy, but we try our best to inspire and to provide helpful knowledge to our readers. A great example of this is our Expert Travel Tips article, where we contacted all the top travel bloggers you will all have heard of, to give their best travel planning tip for you!

I hadn’t heard much about the Liebster award and tried to research back to when it began. At first it seems like an award where you don’t actually win anything, but with time to reflect, it’s more important to know we are on the right path to our goal of having a travel blog full of friendly, top tip travel resources. Our aim is to inspire others to bin the 9-5 office job and to really live the world we live in.

Here are the Liebster rules:

– Thank the blogger who gave it to you.
– Answer the eleven questions they ask you.
– Nominate other bloggers with less than 1,000 followers (or 500 or 5,000 depending on the rules you read).
– Ask those bloggers eleven questions.
– Let the bloggers know they’ve been nominated so they can continue the chain.


1. Asia, Africa, South and Central America, North America, Europe, Australasia, you can only travel one. Where do you go?

Only one?! That’s a tough choice.. I don’t think I could only visit the one continent. I will break the rules, build myself a wooden raft and travel the world one day at a time.

2. When did you catch ‘the travel bug’?

I’ve always been fascinated in the world. How can one place have so much differing cultures? With so much beauty on the land we live on, why wouldn’t anyone want to try see and experience it all.

3. Are there any countries you want to visit but are too afraid to?

If I was to try visit every country on Earth, I think there’s a few countries I’d be worried visiting!

4. Do you have a favourite city?

I don’t think I have a favourite city in mind, but many cities we have visited have given us many favourite memories that’ll always stay with us.

5. What is the thing you like least about travelling?

I love the idea of flying, and the experience of actually being in the air.. but I hate the lack of leg room. Especially when I’m quite a tall guy it’s hard to enjoy air travel on any long haul flight.

6. Do you think you will ‘end up’ in your home country? If not, where will you call home?

Never say never.. I think ‘home’ is where your heart is, wherever that may take us.. we are ready for it! 🙂

7. What is the best thing you’ve ever eaten abroad? What was the worst?

I have a love for perfectly cooked, freshly fried calamari with garlic and lemon mayonnaise. mmmm! Might not be the best dish I’ve ever experienced but it’s a treat for me when I find it. The worst dish I have ever eaten, was actually in Chinatown (london) – never again will I go for a buffet there. The fact the locals weren’t eating in there should have been a clue…

8. Hippy beach town or sleek metropolis?

Hippy beach town every time.. with a few bottles of beer.. kicking back and enjoying paradise!

9. Have you ever experienced serious culture shock?

I think we are yet to experience any serious culture shocks, obviously each country has its own beliefs and ways of doing things, but we are very open to experiencing it. Bring it on we say!

10. Which travel blogs inspire you?

All. if you are travelling and blogging about it, then you shall inspire us. Awesome pictures help us get excited too! 😀

11. Which country are you most desperate to visit?

On a daily basis I hear and read of so many people heading to Thailand. All with raving reviews of how impressive it is, from the culture, entertainment, to the famous Thailand to Burma railway which has huge history behind it. That is on my to do list, but Africa comes close.. I really want to spend quality time at nature reserves helping out. I have a huge passion for wildlife and what better way to get stuck in by looking after Africa’s big 5 (mukunibig5.co.zm).


So who do I nominate? Well it has to be the handful who first inspired me to blog, they may have more than 1000 followers, but I wanted to mention them regardless for great travel articles and advice.

thelostlondoner.com – Kate has an overwhelming passion for London, providing quirky guides to alternative London. In September Kate will be embarking on a crazy 1 year adventure to SE Asia & Oz. A local blogger to relate to with us visiting London often, it’s great to hear the places worth a visit!

everchangingscenery.com – Catherine lives in Yorkshire, but is planning to leave the UK to go travelling indefinitely. Great travel posts that are worth a read.

thelotuscreative.com – Kate has been travelling around Europe with her husband for 2 years now. Providing great stories and experiences, including an inspiring blog post on how to quit your job and go travelling.


My questions

When did you start a travel lifestyle?

How do manage to keep traveling? Is there any special work that allows you to fund your trips?

What’s craziest travel tale you’ll ever tell your grand kids decades from now?

What’s the best part about your travel lifestyle?

And the not-so-good?

Do you think you’ll ever put down your backpack and settle down somewhere?