Travellers everywhere, heed this call! There are better ways to go on your adventures; better as in much more comfortable than the way you’re travelling now. Some of the best people who know their way around the bush, hills, and forests will enlighten you on your survival skills. So if you’re looking for that here, you may need to keep on walking. However, if you’re looking for advice on comfort and wellbeing while you’re globetrotting, then you’ve come to the right place. There are a few simple tricks you can do, and then there is the additional requirement of being enlightened about the latest travel gear. There are also a few things that come down to common sense as well, but you’ll learn by doing with this advice.

Choose the right bag

Do you really need a suitcase? Travellers who want to always be on their toes, shouldn’t even contemplate bringing a suitcase with them. It’s bulky, large and heavy. Do you see yourself having the patience to lug it around thousands of miles around the world? We all know the answer is, hell no! However, this means you’re left with two options. A rucksack or a backpack? A rucksack is going to be larger, more robust and generally designed to be waterproof. A backpack, however, is better for shorter trips as it’s slimmer and shorter. A backpack is something you’d take on a camping trip if you were driving. A backpack is what you’d take if you’re carrying everything you own and or need for a long haul hike up the mountain.

An additional storey

Speaking of cars, you no longer need to book yourself a bed and breakfast while on a road trip. All you need is an additional storey. This is The Best Pop-up Tent on the Market. It’s got a hardshell top so you’re protected from hail, rain and small objects falling on you while you’re asleep like an acorn from a tall tree. There are four zip windows to open so you can see all around you. It’s also got more than enough room for a fully grown adult to stretch out and sleep comfortably. You can fit the tent onto the roof of your car, fix a ladder to the side and hey presto, you have a first floor bedroom. You’re off the ground so no creepy crawlies can get inside your warm sleeping bag; with you in it. And you’re also not damned to sleep in your car in an upright cramped position. 

Dressed to conquer

No mountain will stand in your way when you have dressed to conquer. It’s simple really, thick ski socks are perfect for any kind of trekking. Whether you’re going up the side of a mountain, walking long distances on a flat hard surface, or perhaps marching through uneven terrain in the woods. What you need to couple your ski socks with, are tall hiking boots. These kinds of boots will support your ankle and give you more stability as you navigate through some tough landscapes. On top of this, your feet will be warm and toasty, even if it’s freezing cold outside.

There are some things that travellers take with them, they don’t need and only hinder their experience. But these simple things will invariably add comfort to your journey.