Using a campervan for a road trip has becomeincreasinglypopular with holidaymakersin recent years. Many people dream about buying a campervan and travellingaround various countries experiencing different ways of life. However, before you go about getting a campervan and driving off into the sunset there are a few things you need to consider first.

Packing Light 

If you are travellingby campervan then you need to ensure that you pack light. Don’t assume that you can pack your camper van full as not only will it make the van cramped (which may cause arguments between you and your travel buddies) but you need to make room for the essentials such as stoves and beds. 

Write down everything you want to take away with you in the campervan and then cross half of it off. Campervans can be relatively big, but not that big, so unless it’s essential, leave it at home! 


One of the main things you need to consider before getting a campervan is campervan insurance. You may have priced up your budget for the vehicle itself but then when you look at campervan insurance you find that it costs you a lot more money than you can afford. 

There are a few different types of campervan insurance in the UK, though, and you also might be able to find a cheaper price if you compare quotes form lots of providers. You should consider looking at campervan insurance comparison websites like, which can help you to compare quotes and find the best deals.

Plan Your Route

Driving on the open-road may sound like a relaxing and calming experience, but if you don’t know where you’re going then it will be extremely stressful. Before you purchase your campervan you might want to think about where you would like to go. 

By planning your route you will avoid driving around aimlessly looking for a nice campsite and ending up in a place where you don’t really want to be. 

Don’t let the excitement of getting a campervan overwhelm you, do your research and find out where the best campsites are in the area you are travellingto and set yourself up to have the adventure of a lifetime. 

Practice Driving A Campervan 

You may think that if you can drive a car then you can drive a campervan, but this is unlikely to be the case without a bit of practice. Driving a campervan can bea lot harder due to the extra height and width of the vehicle and you probably won’t be familiar with driving a vehicle of that stature. 

When you go to buy your campervan you may be given the opportunity to go on a test drive, which you should definitely do. Modern campervans are relatively easy to drive, so you should adjust to driving it quickly. 

Be sure to go out on a few trial drives before you embark upon your big adventure, just so you feel more comfortable and in control of the vehicle. 


A campervan does require maintenance but exactly how much will depend on the type of van you get. You will need to check the fuel, water, and oil levels before you set off on your journey and keep an eye on them throughout your time away. 

You should also be aware of the battery of the campervan if it is not connected to the mains electrical power. If your campervan uses an interior battery, then you need to make sure you are conscious of how much power you are using to ensure that you won’t need a set of jump leads before you start your journey home. 

Check what battery maintenance a campervan requires before you purchase it. 


You may find that adding some accessories to your campervan is a great way to make more space for you and your travel buddies throughout your trip. Many campers invest in an awning so they can spend time outside of the van. An awning also provides extra storage space. 

If you have the room at home then you should consider practicing how to set up an awning before you leave, as they can be a lot trickier than they look. 

Holidaying in a campervan can be a unique and culturally rewarding experience that will give you the opportunity to enjoy the open roads and picturesque campsites. Be sure to give all these things a thought before you go ahead with buying a camper van so you are fully prepared.