When it comes to travel destinations, both myself and Kate have been to quite a few over the years; both together and family holidays. Growing up I’ve learnt a lot about travelling from having caravanning holidays throughout the UK, now this may sound like posh camping and not the hard-core stuff, but it does teach you that you can go away anywhere and to enjoy the place you are at. For me this is where it all started, having also been on many driving holidays from home (England) to Europe it gave me a huge insight to just jumping in the car and seeing where you end up. – What better way to explore than over land rather than by plane.. you see so much more behind the scenic views this way!

Rome and Lake Garda in Italy is definitely one of my favourite travel destinations with my family, that and visiting America the first time and to also see my sister getting married! There is so much to see and experience in the world, that I personally cannot stand the type of holiday where you sit by a pool all day getting a tan in a fancy country. You can say you’ve been there, but have you really experienced it? Don’t get me wrong, I do love relaxation and sometimes during a holiday it is a must to get away from normal day-to-day life; but on the other hand I also enjoy getting stuck in and getting lost in a new place. Let’s face it, you’re not really lost just because you aren’t following a map.

I should really also add Wales to one of my top visited places of all time. Natural beauty everywhere you look, scenic views are taken as a given around the Snowdonia region. Some of the best roads to drive on, with breathtaking sights along the way.. (so much so, you have to remember you’re driving!) It also helps that Kate is originally from Wales so my love for this place is also down to her having lived there most of her life.

Adam and Kate 035 IMG_1281 P1020361

Our first real proper adventure together was America – (one of my favourite travel destinations so far!) So one thing you’ll learn about us is we don’t do things by halves. Having briefly come up with the idea of travelling around California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada we instantly started searching of our choice of transport. There are various travel companies out there that offer package holidays with a hire car including the Ford Mustang. Now I don’t know you, but cars are a passion of mine so it was really hard to turn this up! The reasoning being I didn’t want us to plan our exact route, be here for lunch, and there for a night etc. We were stuck for other ideas on what we should do until a motor-home pulled up right in front of us – like it was a sign (whilst blocking our view of the Welsh mountainside :P) So having never really driven anything large before, we’ve gone from a potential hire car to a 25 ft RV which is big enough for a whole family and more! – Not feeling nervous until we pick the keys up at the rental place that is. Safe to say we had an amazing time, seeing some of the most breathtaking sights – Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Yosemite to name a few.

Let’s skip forward thousands of travel miles to today, where we have recently had our second road trip from home (England) to Amsterdam and then Paris. This time we took my car, packed it with a tent and sleeping bags and off we went at 3am to catch the ferry at Dover. With the long drive and a quick kip in a service station, we found ourselves in Amsterdam. With the tent put up right next door to some loud goats at the camp site we were ready to explore…

Paris was the best idea to do after a few days in Amsterdam, as having visited most of the city and done some touristy activities we wanted to continue with the travelling vibe. Having driven all the way from Amsterdam, we under estimated how long it may actually take! – Rush hour through the centre of Paris and not actually having organised a camping site makes all for unexpected adventures (including asking a Parisian policeman for directions to the nearest camp site without him understanding a word of English, even trying a spot of my rusty French-speaking skills didn’t seem to help much!) Finally we managed to find a camp site still open after driving around the Arch de Triumph a good few times 😀 We simply loved the atmosphere in Paris and the trip highlight has to be the Eiffel Tower at sunset – The views are astounding from the first level you get off, and as nervous we were with the heights we had paid for the top and off we went into a glass lift offering panoramic views over the city of Paris.

Next up on the list of places to visit is currently Croatia, but between every day life and saving for our round the world trip.. we will have to see if we end up travelling here this year 🙂