If you’re off to see the other side of the world, and you’ve got a limited time frame to witness the right sights, to hear the sound of people speaking in a foreign language, and to smell the various street foods and perfume shops littering the streets, you’re going to need a plan. You’re going to need a plan that you know off by heart, and that you can keep to, even when the going gets rough. And if you’re thousands of miles away from home, with no one around who knows you, it’s much smarter to anticipate some rough times ahead!

Travelling is fun to do. You get to see and do all kinds of things you’d never see back home, and you get to experience cultures both similar and far different from your own. But when you’re off on a long haul flight or train ride, and the destination on the other side is completely unknown to you, you’re going to want some guarantees you’ll see what you came for.

So, if you’re off on a far and wide adventure in the near future, or you’re thinking of getting all your friends together to pitch in for a holiday to Asia, there’s a few things that’ll help you to stay on track. And listed below are the most important to keep in mind.

Know What You’re Going For

If you’re planning a long distance holiday in the foreseeable future, the first thing to work out is why. Why do you want to go away? What do you want to do when you go away? What sights would you like to wake up to? What people would you like to party with until the small hours roll through? And ultimately: what cities in what countries will satisfy you in these ways? There’s a whole world out there – it’s hard to know where to start with it.

When you know what you’re going away for, you can better pinpoint the locations you want to visit or stay in. Get a feel for the landmarks and famous places first, and plan around those; after all, you’re not just headed off to stay in a luxury room in a hotel!

Once you’ve done that, you can determine your accommodation nesds. If you’re going thousands upon thousands of miles away, you need to know you’ll have a safe place to touch down in, that allows you access to the amenities that keep a holiday comfortable, and isn’t too far from the landmarks on your bucket list. Don’t solely rely on review boards and friend’s recommendations – if you haven’t been yourself, you have no clue if a hotel or hostel is going to have the proximity you need. Google Maps could be very useful here.

Overall, don’t worry, it’s not as difficult to come up with a plan to sate your wanderlust as it first seems. Even just scrolling through a list of the best places to visit in India can help you out here! Just do some research before you settle in with any holiday destination, and determine the best places to stay, and if it’s better to go it alone without using a travel company; even package deal holidays won’t always cover all your bases.

Plan Ahead on How to Get Around

If you’re going a long way across the world, you’re going to need something else to rely on to carry you around, to make sure you save those legs of yours! You’re going to be doing a lot of walking, and maybe a bit of running here and there (especially to get to the airport gate on time!), and you’re going to need a break every now and then. Not to mention the fact that a lot of distances can’t realistically be covered by human legs, unless you’re a fan of going on super long hikes for no reason at all.

So make sure you know the public transport in your destination of choice. If you’re headed to Japan, check out the prices of the fast, commuting trains they have on offer there. If you’re headed to Nepal, make sure you know what big cities you can find taxis in, and if they’re a reliable mode of transport anywhere else in the country.

Simply, get to grips with the buses and subways of the areas you’re interested in, and see if they’re notorious for being foreigner friendly. If there’s no car renting services nearby, or no one in your travel party can drive, you’re going to need to plan ahead for moments when you’re tired, or you’ve gotten lost. After all, public transport in our own countries can give us a lot of anxiety.

Would a Package Deal Be Better?

Speaking of package holidays: would it be better for your across the world trip to be catered for by a company? Of course, planning your own course of action is always preferable, but it can often cost way beyond what you’ve managed to save up. Even when you’re taking your friends along, and they can pitch in, the rooms you need to book are all going to be full price. More often than not, a package holiday deal slashes these costs by half at the least.

Which makes using a holiday company, or a travel agent, a lot easier to deal with. And there’s a lot of different packages on offer for every single country around the world! Check out an agent’s website, tap in your desired location (or the desired landmark within that location) into the search bar, and multiple results are going to pop up for you. After all, you’re not going to be the only traveller who wants to visit because of a certain famous sight or two.

If you’re someone who’s off on a round the world trip in the near future, or you’ve just always wanted to check out China, keep ideas like these in mind. They’re going to come in handy at some point!