I am sure everyone’s familiar with the term ‘bucket list’ where a person hopes to accomplish a number of experiences or achievements during their lifetime. When planning our round the world trip, we thought long and hard about what we really wanted to see and do, and then thought even harder – what could we really do to push us to the edge, to let us discover ourselves while travelling..

To inspire you we have put together a few places you should not miss off your bucket list. We are so confident with these places that we too have planned to travel to them all.

1. Machu Picchu, Peru


Peru’s lost city of the Incas is a magical, captivating place. Machu Picchu was built-in the 15th century and left undiscovered beneath the mountain mist for five centuries. With all the stunning temples and palaces, this deserves to be the at the top of anyone’s bucket list. For a truly majestic view, make sure you get the chance to view the sunrise over this spiritual place.

2. Aurora Borealis


The lure of Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) is certainly a timeless feature of the Arctic Circle. With some of the most extraordinarily colourful sunsets, you will feel like you are living on another planet. The effect is created by particles in space being sucked into the earth’s magnetic field. We have discovered the best time to visit is during spring and autumn.

3. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park


I’m sure everyone dreams of the beautiful white sand and clear water beaches of Hawaii, but there’s more to this beautiful island. Visit the Volcano National Park for an awe-inspiring experience by exploring the area around the active volcano with a guide or take a 2 hour drive to the top of a dormant volcano.

4. Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA


This is a must for travellers from all nations. The Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, USA. Keep your bucket list on track by ticking off one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. The canyon was formed by the Colorado River carving through the rock and stone. Renowned for its impressive size and the beautiful colours that are exposed in the canyon walls. An impressive sight for all to see in their lifetime.

5. Chill at The Ice Hotel, Sweden


If you are looking for something out of the norm, why not try the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi which is made completely out of ice and snow. Not only can you also tick off seeing the Northern Lights from your bucket list at the same time, but you can also take a dog sled tour or a guided snowmobile safari in the area!

6. Worlds Highest Bungee Jump, Macau Tower, India


Feeling brave? The AJ Hackett Macau Tower is 764ft high, where you can take part in a sky walk or even a bungee jump! Due to being so high, the bungee jump off the Macau Tower makes the jump a Guinness World Record for the Highest Commercial Bungee Jump in the world. Leap yourself off a platform 233m above the ground and experience the ultimate free fall experience to conquer those fears!

7. The Great Pyramids, Giza, Egypt


A standard must for all bucket lists, The Great Pyramids of Giza. Your imagination cannot prepare yourself for the spectacle of watching the sun rise over the pyramids. If you are feeling in the spirit, you can even book a camel ride to the Pyramids at dawn.

8. Rio de Janeiro Carnival, Brazil


Every adventurer should attend Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Apart from the stunning natural beauty of the city, the world-renowned street party and festival is a sure-fire good time. This is a bucket list destination for anyone who appreciates music, dancing, and the world’s biggest block party.

9. The Taj Mahal, India


The Taj Mahal in India is a marble monument erected by Shah Jahan in memoriam of his late wife Mumtaz Mahal. The building even changes color as the sun sets due to all the semi precious stones set in it. This is a great place for romantics to visit. Make sure to check out requirements for your India e-visa

10. Halong Bay, Vietnam


This incredible and beautiful landscape should be on the very top of any traveller’s bucket list, and there are so many reasons why they are virtually impossible to list. The ethereal, mysterious and breathtaking surroundings, the sensational history, the incredible culture and the true testament to what must be the finest of Mother Nature’s offerings should not be missed.

What have you added to your bucket list? Maybe we’ve missed out somewhere majestic you feel should be added to the list. Let us know your thoughts 🙂