With the recent Coronavirus pandemic, holidays are being put on hold. No longer can we head to the airport and jet off to a different country. However, that doesn’t mean that people aren’t longing to break away from their everyday lives. In fact, many people are craving a getaway as they’ve been stuck indoors for far longer than anyone ever expected. When life begins to turn back to normal, holidays will be on everyone’s mind but with the virus’s uncertainty, traveling too far away from home is not a wise idea. That’s where staycations can save the day! By opting for inbound travel, travellers can keep themselves and others far safer than if they were to travel across the world. This is great for the local economy too! There are so many places that someone can visit for a well-deserved break, but how will they get there? Here are a few transport options!

A van

If you want to go on a camping or glamping trip, you’ll likely need a big vehicle to help you carry all of the necessary equipment. From tents to food, clothes, and games, there’s actually a lot that’s needed to go camping. So much so, it’ll be a struggle trying to fit it all into a car, especially if you’re packing for quite a few people. Opting for a van ensures everything can fit neatly and properly without items being shoved and damaged. Plus, if a few people are heading on the trip, you can often get vans with multiple seats in the back. This means everyone can travel together with ease and arrive at the destination at the same time. Depending on your van’s requirements, rental costs and insurance prices can vary, so check out one sure to compare quotes before making your final decision. Comparing quotes can save you money which you could then spend on your staycation.

A car

Driving the Hardknott Pass

For a couple’s getaway, you can always opt to hire a car. This is an excellent option for anyone who doesn’t want to add mileage to their car but wants to travel a fair distance from their home. By opting for a car rental, you can travel freely, which gives you so much freedom. There’s often no limit on the number of miles you can put on a car so you can drive to wherever you like via any route; you don’t need to worry about miles. However, you will need to fuel the car yourself, so that’s something to consider. Renting a car can sometimes be more convenient than any other transport method because there are more car rental options than any other rental options. There are also more pick-up and drop-off car locations. If you wanted to hire a car, you would need to be over the age of 23 and need a full license to do so. If you have any driving offenses, this may interfere with you hiring a car.

A moped

When you think of riding a moped, you may think of doing so in a foreign country, but you can actually do so right on your front door. This such a fun way to travel around on a staycation, although you may have to hire the moped when you get to your desired location rather than beforehand. Although you can use it to travel anywhere, there are not many storage options, so it’s ideal for short trips, not long distances. If heading to a rural village for a getaway, this is a fun and exciting way to nip between shops and restaurants.

Staycations may be the new thing for 2021. What do you think?