Last Summer we agreed that we couldn’t really top the USA road trip, neither did we want to. We fancied something a little less intense but still a great adventure to somewhere new. After potentially looking at Croatia, we actually decided on Amsterdam and Paris – lots to see and do and all relatively cheap. The price between driving and flights wasn’t much in it, so we decided to drive, and get back to basics with camping πŸ™‚

So we set off at around 10pm to head down to Dover, catch the ferry at gone 12am, reach Calais and then drive 230 miles straight to ‘Camping Zeeburg‘ where we pitched our tent next to the noisiest goats they had as pets at the campsite.. Little did we know they were going to be our personal alarm clock for the next week! BUT they did get us out of bed nice and early to make the most of our time in Amsterdam πŸ˜€

The Campsite has a tram station right outside that takes you straight into the city centre – Perfect! Once we arrived off we went exploring! Bright coloured clogs in almost every shop window, bars upon bars (can’t complain about this), not to mention bikes… everywhere! – That’s when we knew we really were here, in Amsterdam. A few giggles and nervous laughs as we explored many sex shops as part of the fun – a lot of filth and who would have thought condoms could be so creative! (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just google it).

Onto the bucket list, we managed to check off visiting the Amsterdam coffee shops! As all curious tourists do, we found ourselves visiting plenty of them with the help of a downloadable map. Funnily enough though, I don’t think we ever had coffee… The more well-known places include ‘Smokey‘ and ‘The Bull Dog‘ which is now so popular, they have 3 coffee shops so make sure you visit at least one! They are a must visit just to experience what the other side to Amsterdam is like, we chilled out in most of these during the day with a beer (any excuse huh?)

We also managed to get ourselves tickets to the House of Bols, a cocktail & genever experience that we fully recommend! After a good tour to give you the history behind genever, you can then choose your own cocktail and the professional bar tenders will then make it right in front of you using some of the best bar skills we’ve seen! Not only that but they have a practice booth for you to try your hands at juggling flair bottles – we were pretty hopeless so we just stuck to taste testing the cocktails πŸ˜‰ After knocking back 2 shots and a cocktail that’s included within the ticket price, we stayed for more! Loved them so much, the bartender gave us a map of all the Bols bars in Amsterdam with allowed access – How Awesome! After leaving the experience it then all the drink hit us… realising we hadn’t eaten all day, we made way to try out the local Hard Rock Cafe burger, Amsterdam style πŸ˜€

So what else did we do whilst in Amsterdam? Well we ended up paying €7 getting into a sex museum that was a complete laugh and well worth a visit seeing as it’s so cheap. I will never be able to look at snow white and the seven dwarfs in the same way again – ooerrr! There were also some great camera moments so had to share these with you πŸ˜‰ We also ventured into the red light district which was exactly what we expected after hearing a lot from people what it’s like.. although I didn’t expect the girls to be knocking on the windows, waving at me to come to them.. oooeeer! Just a snippet was enough and we then went off exploring the booming nightlife and even some Irish bars πŸ˜€