Most of us have an extensive list of places we want to visit. It’s easier than ever to get around with frequent flights and good public transport links, but money can be a barrier. If you’re an aspiring globetrotter, and you’re hoping to make plans to get away, here are some ways to boost your travel fund. 

Working overseas

One of the best ways to travel more without clearing out your savings or worrying about running out of money is to work overseas. There are so many ways you can work while you travel now and it’s possible to discover opportunities all over the world. Popular options include taking a seasonal job, getting a temporary job or doing a job that allows you to travel while you’re working. Examples include working as a holiday rep or a ski instructor, getting a job in a bar or a hotel and joining a tour agency as a guide. 

If you like the idea of working abroad, it’s a great idea to look for agencies that specialise in seasonal or temporary jobs and figure out where you want to travel. If you have a destination in mind, and you want to teach skiing, for example, you can find openings for ski jobs here. Read adverts and job descriptions and contact recruiters or companies to get more information. Always use reputable sites and make sure you check the terms and conditions. Many people like to make plans before they travel, but it may also be possible to find casual work, such as bar or restaurant jobs, once you reach your destination. 

Making your money go further

The cost of travelling can range from hundreds to thousands of pounds, depending on your plans. Wherever you choose to go, it’s likely that you can make your money stretch further. From city breaks and beach trips to round-the-world backpacking adventures, there are ways to save. The first golden rule to adopt is to compare prices. Use the Internet to look for deals on flights, package holidays, accommodation, transport and excursions. Try to be as flexible as possible. If you don’t have to travel in high season, for example, you could save a fortune on flights and accommodation because the demand will be lower. You may also be able to access sales and discounts if you follow travel companies on social media or you subscribe to their emails. 

Once you’ve chosen a location, look for ways to reduce costs while you’re away. Avoid tourist traps, live like a local and take advantage of offers on transport and attractions, such as combined tickets. You can usually save money on tickets for landmarks and sights by booking online. It’s worth using guidebooks and travel blogs to search for free attractions and find discount codes and vouchers. 

Globetrotting can be an expensive hobby, but there are ways to travel more without breaking the bank. If you have plans to see more of the world, why not consider getting a job overseas? Working abroad will enable you to fund your travel plans and explore new cultures and places. It’s also a brilliant idea to lower costs when making plans. Compare prices online, look for deals and offers and try to be flexible in terms of where and when you travel.