So you may be questioning why we’ve been a little quiet lately, well the news is we are going to move home! After living on a third floor apartment together for just over a year, we wanted a bit of a change and to make the most of the great outdoors… So this led us to look at a lovely cottage that plays host to over 70 acres of land!

Last Saturday we managed to get a last minute viewing and as soon as we arrived we fell in love. After having a look around and meeting the owners, we didn’t have much time to make our minds up as we knew someone had just viewed the cottage and it wouldn’t be long before someone put an offer in. We just looked at each other and the words “We’ll take” it rolled off our tongues without much thought. We followed our hearts and boy are we glad!

The lovely owners let us know all the walking routes we can take across the land and off we went exploring our new home…

Where would you move to if you had the choice? Let us know if you did it a followed your dreams……..