Are you a proud new mother and father looking for their first mini break away from home? You may feel slightly overwhelmed in the first couple of weeks but that will soon settle down as your confidence kicks in. It is that exact time, going away for a mini break is such a great idea. The days may have gone just skipping out of the door without a care for the world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun.

So how do you survive, pack and prepare for a 72h mini break?

Just be organised

In short, the answer is be organised but also versatile enough to know any travel arrangements can easily be thrown off course dues to nap and feeding times. Planning around these timings is key to a rewarding, stress free mini break away. Being stuck on public transport with an over tired and hungry baby, along with all your luggage isn’t going to be the fun-filled 72 hours you had imagined. Make sure you organise to your advantage and check travel guides, to prioritise what you want to see.

The baby packing list

Don’t want the stress of frantically looking for the nearest shop selling nappies with a screaming baby in your arms? You will thank us later for suggesting this. Make a baby packing list. With the lack of sleep it is highly likely your baby brain will forget something without one. So write it out before you start packing, it will make life much easier by ticking each one-off as you pack.

Plan in advance

It is easy to assume sleeping arrangements for your little one will be covered, but not all hotels / apartments will provide cot beds. It is worth calling ahead to find out exactly what is included within the price. Not all places advertise cot beds but can provide them simply by calling. If they have a cot bed, it means one less thing to carry. Which in our experience, is a massive plus.

The Essential 72h packing list

City map

Whether you want a paper version to put in your pocket, or simply use your phone, when travelling with a family, its good to know what facilities are around you. Especially in that nappy crisis moment. For slightly older children you can even get maps that allow them to colour in what’s around them, to make travelling and map reading a fun activity for the whole family, plus it keeps them occupied when you’re trying to plan your route.

Cool clothes

You never know what the weather is going to do. Keep the sun off your baby by packing long sleeve tops and bottoms for boys or dresses for girls.

Tiny baby toiletries

Save some valuable weight by buying some small travel sized versions of your babies wash and lotions. Perfect for a 72h mini break and will take up a lot less space in your suitcase.

Warm clothes

Even if you are planning a mini break away to somewhere warm, the nights are often much cooler. Keep your baby warm by packing clothes that are easy to layer over the top of what they are wearing to keep them comfortable.


Perfect to keep the sun off their heads all day long. Choose a hat that has a wide brim so it covers their face and neck too. If it’s cold, pack a woollen or fleece hat for extra warmth. Babies lose their heat through their head.


The best tool in your baby arsenal is the muslin blanket. It can be used for so many purposes, it’s brilliant. If you are looking to swaddle your baby, a blanket to lay them onto whilst changing, in need of shade, or simply to keep warm, the muslin blanket will serve you well.


Whether you are planning to spend time in the sun or not, always pack sunscreen. Babies under 6 month should be kept out of direct sunlight completely. Make sure you do re-apply sunscreen generously throughout the day to ensure they are protected against UVA and UVB rays. This applies for you too!

Car seat

Work out how you’ll be travelling on your mini break. A newly born infant can fly on an adults lap using a lap belt, but once they are over 2 years of age, they will usually need a car seat that fits onto a plane seat. If you are planning on hiring a car, you’ll also need a car seat for this, whether you bring yours or hire one. The car seat can be used as a baby seat, but make sure you don’t use it for any sleeping arrangements as it’s unsafe to do so.


With the amount you will be taking with you, a pushchair is ideal to take with you. Most airlines allow you to travel with a pushchair free of charge, along with a cot. If you plan to do quite a bit of walking, a pushchair will be ideal as your baby will be comfortable and so will you.

Baby sling

Not all destinations are pushchair friendly, and you may love the feeling being close with your baby. A good baby carrier / sling is great for places like an airport, train station of city where using a pushchair would cause you headaches.