Different people take different things when they travel. We’ve all seen the hippie walking through the airport with just a guitar and a journal or the businessman who has perfected the science of compacting his clothes into a small carry-on. But what does your luggage say about you? That you’re a fun-loving risk taker? A checklist tourist? Or are you packing for the one-off chance that you’ll meet someone and turn your vacation into an Eat Pray Love experience? We examine the spectrum of travellers by what they take along…

At Round the World we go, both myself (Adam) and Kate have spotted every type listed below.. I’m not sure if that’s an accomplishment or not, but I do love my medals! 😀 I think we all know at least one person whose luggage fits into the categories 🙂

So come on, spill the beans.. what does your luggage say about you?

What your luggage says about you

Are you the Vagabond Backpack, Airport Aristocrat? Or maybe the Multitasking Mum? Let us know… and any other types of travellers you have discovered! 🙂 Do you have any unusual quirks when it comes to travelling? Spill the beans!