You may have realised we have been pretty quiet this year, but all for one good reason and it’s pretty awesome news actually! You’ve most likely guessed already, but we would like to announce the birth of our first-born into the world. Having taken time out from blogging to support Kate as much as physically possible, I am now a super proud dad to our little man, Ethan James Owen Boston. Born 14th June 2016.

Having finally caught up on some sleep to write this (it’s taken over 8 weeks so far, is there much hope for the next blog post?!). I would like announce that we will slowly be tailoring Round the World We Go to be much more than just a ‘travel blog’ but we have a vision, a little glimmer of light that we feel is missing in some people’s lives…advice on still managing to travel with a family. Now those of you who don’t have any kids are probably instantly shying away and reaching for your mouse to hit the X button as quick as you can – so hold up! We will simply be adding this onto our existing stories.

We are planning to help you push yourself to get out there, be confident and own travel with your baby in hand (or travel cot/push chair/bouncer/baby carrier/whatever new device we’ve not yet discovered!). From day 1 of leaving the hospital with Ethan, we made sure we pushed ourselves to get out and still explore, albeit we aren’t talking about hiking a mountain but exploring the local area we’ve not yet discovered was a great start. We were taken back by the amount of people who were surprised we were even out of our house and this was 2 weeks after welcoming Ethan into the world. It is this that we want to change, help parents feel comfortable with travel. Everything is possible, you just have to be that bit more organised.

My new world…


Adam & Kate