As wonderful as they can be, hotels are pricey. If you like to travel often, they aren’t even practical. Staying in the lap of luxury could cost you a few hundred extra every stay. Hence why many keen travellers opt for alternatives like campervans and motorhomes.

But, we know what you’re thinking – aren’t these options a little rustic? Cost or no, you like waking up in a beautiful hotel. It helps you to kick back and let loose. Lucky for you, you can bring hotel benefits to these much cheaper options. All you need to do is put a little thought in. Then, keep reading to find out why hotel luxury needn’t be as far away as you’re thinking.

The luxury location

Nothing beats opening your balcony doors onto the beachfront, right? You’d pay extra for that any day. It’s certainly a more appealing choice than kipping on the side of the road. But, van life needn’t be that way if you spare some thought here. In reality, you can get even more luxurious with location when you aren’t tied to a hotel room. The country will be your oyster. Or, at least, the parts of it that you can sleep in. All you’d need to do is think about stopping for the night well ahead of time. That way, you’d have plenty of time to head to the most idyllic options. Do a quick check online to see if you can camp in certain areas, and then get ready for views that not even a hotel can offer you.

The fun little extras

We all know that chocolates on the pillow and a mini bar complete the hotel experience. But, you needn’t kiss goodbye to these altogether when you switch to cheaper options. There are plenty of camper van or motorhome accessories out there which can make your stay more comfortable. These range from steps for ease to awnings and roof lights which make everything more appealing. You could even install a little fridge and create a minibar which is free to use. Not even a hotel could boast that benefit.

The daily clean

Be honest; you don’t half mind getting a clean room every day of your stay, either. There’s something magical about the idea of cleaners getting to work when you aren’t around. Sadly, you will have to do the hard bit yourself if you’re choosing van accommodation. But, taking a leaf out of the hotel book and cleaning daily could make your stay a whole load more comfortable. Even better, keeping on top shouldn’t take you too long each time. As simple as that, you can ensure your van looks as sparkling as spacious as the best hotel rooms going.

We’re not going to lie, letting go of hotels can be tricky if you’re used to them. But, putting these pointers into practice should soon ease you into these van alternatives. As simple as that, you could probably afford a whole other vacation each year.