The idea of taking your child to another country can be a little daunting to say the least. How will they deal with long flights and waiting around in airports? Will it be too warm for them, will there be anything they’ll actually eat? It’s these kinds of stresses that can put parents off entirely, choosing not to travel with their children until they’re much older. However, it shouldn’t be the case- travel can be beneficial for everyone, kids included. Here are a few reasons why you should book that family holiday, and travel with your children even if they’re still quite little.

Travel Goof for Kids

It’s great for learning

Childrens young, curious minds can be shaped in the best possible way by exposing them to new and exciting surroundings, people and activities. It’s one thing to learn about different cultures, animals, food, weather and landscapes in books, but quite another to see them for yourself. Travelling to new places allows everyone to learn new things, but it can be particularly beneficial for kids who are still learning about the world in general. Companies like Absolute Travel sell trips that are specifically geared to kids and learning, but there’s plenty of benefits to going in your own direction too. When you’ve never travelled, the big wide world can seem like a scary place, but introducing them to new places in a fun way can give them confidence and curiosity to want to find out more. Tolerance and acceptance of people who are different to them grow, while fear and mistrust quickly disappear. These are attitudes that will serve them well throughout their lives.

It teaches patience

Our kids have grown up in a world of instant gratification. The internet means any song, any movie, the answer to question is instantly accessible. Patience really is a virture, and is a skill that’s so worth developing. Long journeys can be tiresome, but they will find their patience is rewarded when they reach their exciting destination. It teaches them to be well behaved and keep themselves occupied when you’re stuck waiting around, this isnt the easiest (even for adults!) so it’s something that’s a great skill to master when you’re young.

You can make family memories

Family Travel Memories

Children might not remember every detail of that family holiday as they get older, but they’ll remember the trip overall and how excited and happy they were. They’ll have fond memories of spending time with their parents and siblings- it’s these kinds of things that most of us recall when we think back to our childhoods. We all work so hard, the kids are at school all day, we’re in the workplace and/ or running errands and we’re all off doing our separate thing. Holidays together give you family bonding time which is so important. After all, none of us want to have a family just to never be able to see each other. Kids, especially when they’re younger love spending time with their parents and so it’s precious moments together that you’ll all look back on fondly.