If you’re bored of London, you’re bored of life. This incredible city has so much to offer to the traveller in the way of cuisine. Literally, every kind of cuisine you can think of can be found in among its bustling nature. Yes it’s got your Greggs and Subways, but that’s just for when you can’t stop for more than 5 minutes. Thankfully there’s also some amazing traditional British food which still hasn’t lost its touch. The working class hero, the mash and meat shops are still going strong. Not to mention, the street food here is absolutely mouthwatering. This is the United Kingdom after all, so you have incredible innovation and you can see it in the various food markets. Micro businesses that have a one of a kind recipe will set up their small stalls and blow any multinational fast food chain clear out of the water with their food. But this city is massive, you need to go to certain places to satisfy your food lover’s desires.

A day in the borough

There’s are plenty of street food stalls all around the city, but the most notable place to go for street food is Borough Market. Here you can find all kinds of cuisines from all across the globe. Check out the Japanese egg stalls where you can find great breakfast meals. Japanese square omelettes are made and served with dry cured Japanese style ham. Some chargrilled vegetables can also be eaten in a small seaweed wraps. If you want something juicy and meaty, check out the American grill and burger stalls where you can get brisket burgers, diner style pastrami and turkey sandwiches as well as hot dogs and chilli. Of course there are also plenty of British vendors as well. There are scotch eggs you can buy that are the size of your fist and plenty of fish and chips to go along with it. 

Desiring real craftsmanship

One thing you will know if you have been in London for long, is the marvellous nature of the artisan scene. Head the Canary Wharf food market where you can buy artisan products made by people who really know their stuff. Some of the best locally made hard cheeses can be bought here, as well as unique dry cure meats as well. You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to bread, as you can find olive bloomers, sourdough loaves, ciabatta, focaccia, baguettes and flatbreads. You cannot find any of these things anywhere else in the neighboring markets, which is why if you want to taste unique produce you have to come bright and early to this place. 

Humble and delicious

If you desire to taste the city of London, head down to F.Cooke where you will find some feel good food. They have two dishes and that’s it. The traditional beef mince pie, and a side of soft fluffy yet thick mashed potatoes covered in parsley liquor. You can also have a nice plate of jellied eels to go with your cup of tea. 

London is the finest place on earth for many things. Art, history, culture and tradition is fiercely strong here. Just as well then that the food matches all expectations.