Australia is perhaps one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world, and also, the country least likely to be crowned the most beautiful country in the world. For some reason, people are much more likely to choose Northern European countries to top lists like this, and while that might be understandable, surely Australia, with its rolling hills, beautiful plains, still preserved outback and magical cities should have been crowned one of the most spectacular places on Earth several times more than it has, no matter what that number might be.

Australia, funnily enough, is a fantastic place to visit in Winter. Why is this? Well, of course, our Winter is always Australia’s summer. That means you can keep the party going if you love the weather like this, and explore what the Christmas period is like sat on a beach drinking an indulgent cocktail.

However, visiting Australia is much more than just the novel climate shift. Consider our inspirational advice and you should be visiting this wonderful destination in no time:



Of course, Christmas with a different style of food might be a worthy experience once in a while. Where better than Australia? Perhaps it’s a negative stereotype to suggest that you check out the wonder of the barbecuing scene, but to us that’s nothing but something to respect this beautiful country for. Roastmasters and pit bosses are starting to gain real fame from these shores, and so it behooves you to try them for yourself. Stunning seafood developments have crowned Australia, particularly Sydney with some truly revolutionary restaurants dedicated to this art, and you should absolutely try to check them out. If you enjoy your fill of great food and even better people, then you could do much, much, much worse than Australia.



There are an incredible amount of events in the summer period of Australia, especially with most of the seasonal vacations taking place. Everyone’s outside and the feeling is good. Using services such as can help you find the best-organized itinerary to adapt to the offerings on show here, potentially connecting you to activities and insights that you had yet to consider or even try. Measuring cultural, eatery and geographical love for your vacation is hard to do in equal measure, but firms like this allow for guided and wonderful tours that offer you the best taste of a country and city. We’d recommend adapting to these, and trying to find tickets to some of the best festivals taking place in Australia this year.

For example, SENSATIONS, Creamfields and the stunning New Year Sydney Fest are opening up some absolutely wonderful possibilities. There’s nothing quite like partying in Australia to cap off the year, as the feeling of jovial connection is palpable and absolutely worth experiencing. Australia can be paradise if you know where to look, and starting here with these suggestions IS the place to look.

With these tips, visiting Australia this winter will be a fantastic way to cap off 2018.