motorcycle travelling

Travelling is one of the most fulfilling activities someone can do. You get to explore the world, meet new people and experience new cultures, all while discovering some of the most beautiful places out there. Many people travel via plane or train, stepping into their mode of transportation in one place, then stepping back out into a whole new area. 

But what if there was another way? Perhaps even a better way?

If you already own a motorcycles, you likely know some of the advantages a bike affords you. As a general transportation device, motorcycles are excellent. A bike can give far better mileage when compared to a car, potentially saving a lot of money. Also, bikes can weave in and out of traffic easily, so traffic jams are nothing to worry about for a biker. 

But to be honest, people don’t just get motorcycles for practicality. Riding a motorcycle is far more fun than driving a car, allowing you to feel far closer to the outside world. Obviously, this closeness to the elements requires a good motorcycle jacket, to protect you from the harsh winds and dust on the open road. But the freedom of a bike is unrivalled. 

When you combine the freedom of a bike with the freedom of travelling, the benefits become clear. Rather than enjoying the world in bits and pieces, broken up by planes or trains, you can be a part of wherever you are, whether it’s a bustling city or the open road of a rural landscape. You’re simply more connected to the world around you when you’re on a bike, and even travelling from one place to another is part of the experience, rather than an interruption. 

In fact, you can travel to places on a bike that would otherwise be impossible. Simply exploring the landscape is quicker, easier, and more rewarding when on a motorbike. As long as you’re prepared for adventure, then you can explore the wilds with your bike. Even better, you don’t have to worry about parking a car or storing luggage, not when it’s just you and your bike.

Bikes are especially good if you like to travel alone, as you can take them anywhere. A motorcycle can accommodate two riders, but they are more suited to the solo adventurer. However, as experienced riders know, you’re never truly alone when you have a motorcycle. Travelling with fellow bikers can be a fantastic experience, as you can watch each other’s backs and just enjoy the open road together. 

Exploring the world on a motorcycle isn’t easy, however. There will always be challenges, and you will find the experience a true adventure. But isn’t that part of the point of travelling anyway? New experiences, different challenges, and an escape from normal life?

So, whether you’re a biker who is itching for a new adventure, or an experienced traveller looking for a new way to explore, then you should consider travelling the world by motorcycle.