17 Aug 2022

Tag: Festival


Notting Hill Carnival 

London’s Notting Hill Carnival is one of the largest street festivals found in the world and it definitely feels that way when you find yourself dancing in the middle of narrow alleys. The Notting Hill Carnival was originally created to help overcome the racial tensions…


Fiesta de San Fermín, Spain 

Fiesta de San Fermín originated as a week long celebration in honour of Saint Fermin. It’s said that he was dragged to death by bulls on the very same streets of Pamplona that the famous running of the bulls is hosted. San Fermín actually blends…


Goodwood Festival of Speed 

It’s hard not to get excited about the Goodwood Festival of Speed, even for those who have the vaguest of interests in cars or motorsport. You’ll discover old and new racing cars flying up the famous hill at their top speed; world renowned motorsport stars;…


El Colacho Festival 

El Colacho is a Spanish ritual which involves men dressed as the devil in red and yellow jumpsuits paired with modern running shoes, jumping over babies born in the previous twelve months. The El Colacho festival (internationally known as “The baby jumping festival”) traditionally takes…