20 Jan 2022

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European City Break

Top 10 European City Breaks 

Discover our travel guide to the top 10 destinations for a European city break in 2017. Find out the must do’s and what not to miss in our favourite cities including Rome, Paris, Reykjavik, Amsterdam, Dubrovnik and Budapest. City breaks are a great way to explore a destination’s history,…


Northern Lights Boat Tour 

Are you in search of the Northern Lights? Whether you have experienced them or not, going hunting for them by boat has to be one of the coolest ways you can imagine and is actually better than you’d think. We were lucky enough to have…


Horse Riding in Iceland 

When visiting Iceland, you are guaranteed to see Icelandic horses in fields roaming free. But do you know what makes a horse Icelandic? When the first settlers sailed to Iceland from Norway in the 10th century, horses were a vital part to the colonisation of the island….


A Drive Across Iceland 

Depending how long your stay is, you may be looking if its worth hiring a 4×4 to drive across Iceland. No matter whether Iceland is your dream destination or a simple stopover, you’re in the land of elves and surrounded by natural beauty in Iceland, wherever you go. If you’re…


We’re going to Iceland 

Kate and I are so excited to announce our next and first destination of 2015 is ICELAND, the land of fire and ice.. but most importantly stunning northern lights and incredible untouched beauty. Our fingers are crossed with high hopes that we’ll get to spot the…