17 Aug 2022

Tag: USA


Happy Independence Day 

Happy Independence Day /4th of July to all our American subscribers, family and friends! Quick History Lesson: Independence Day is celebrated annually on the 4th of July and is also known as “the Fourth of July”. It is the anniversary of the declaration of independence from…

Travel Tips

Grand Canyon at sunset 

Wow.. what a breathtaking experience! This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of a few places we’ve visited that’ll make your jaw drop as you stand still in utter awe to mother nature. To help put how large the Grand Canyon is into perspective the trip…

Travel Tips

Drive on the Route 66 

In June 2012 we both took up the chance to drive along the famous Route 66 during our road trip across California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada. This is a must for all, you don’t even have to be interested in cars or even Harley Davidson’s…


Travel destinations visited 

When it comes to travel destinations, both myself and Kate have been to quite a few over the years; both together and family holidays. Growing up I’ve learnt a lot about travelling from having caravanning holidays throughout the UK, now this may sound like posh…