When you’re faced with an unexpected delay at the airport, needing to fill time travelling or simply looking for some light hearted family entertainment, travel games can be lifesavers…

Travel games come in all different shapes, some played with cards, some with dice; but what’s the one thing they have in common? They are a perfect time killer, small and lightweight enough to carry along with you no matter the destination.

Most of these games are fairly straight forward with rules anyone can easily master, which is, of course, very important when you’re playing against any international crowds. Perfect for those who are staying in a hostel, on a night train, long distance bus or even Couchsurfing. One of the greatest things about travel games, all you need is a relatively flat surface and a couple of newly made friends. It really is the ultimate way to break the ice, and you’ll soon be chatting away post-game gloating victory or with your head in your hands, admitting defeat.

Discover our favourite fun travel games to take on holiday 2019


What do you get when a banana crosses an anagram? The multi-award winning tile based game, Bananagrams! A fun fast word game that has become a new family favourite. The tiles come in a fabric banana shaped pouch, which makes this ideal for packing into the tightest spaces within your luggage.

To play, simply deal out the tiles to create interconnecting words. Each player works independently to create their own ‘crossword’ as fast as they can and once they do, all players take a new tile from the remaining pool. The object of the game is pretty simple, be the first to complete a word grip after the tiles have been used up. So get ready to look a bit of a loon shouting out “Split”, “Peel” and “Bananas” as you play to become the Bananagrams champion.

If that doesn’t sound bananas enough, there’s three other game variations to play, so no matter if you’re not in the mood to rush, waiting for food in a restaurant or simply fancy a little alone time, stop monkeying around and give Bananagrams a go!

– Players: 1–8
– Playing time: 15 Min
– Age: 7+


If you’re looking for a fast, hilarious, frantic way to spend an afternoon in the sun, Dobble is without a doubt, the ultimate travel game to take on holiday this year. For those looking for some light-hearted entertainment on the beach or by the poolside, there’s even a waterproof version to keep you in play.

Designed for 2-8 players, this award winning visual perception card game is a must for people of all ages and interests. Each card has one matching picture and your task? To find the matching symbol the quickest! To make things a little more difficult, the symbols are various sizes and in different positions on each card, so it’s vital you keep your eyes open with lightning reactions. You’re going to need speed on your side!

A great game to play with the family, with 5 mini games included. The deck of cards are protected in a compact tin, keeping Dobble away from all elements throughout your travels. Dobble is suitable for ages 6+with numerous editions released, including a junior version for younger children ages 4+

– Players: 2–8
– Playing time: 15 Min
– Age: 7+

Ok Play

Wherever you’re off on holiday this year, Ok Play by Big Potato Games is the perfect travelling game for everyone. The aim of the game and rules are so simple and you can play practically anywhere with a flat surface. Just pick your colour, grab a stack of tiles and away you go. Lay down your tiles in turns and the first to place 5 tiles in a row in crowned the winner. Easy right? Or at least it sounds so. Of course it wouldn’t be half as interesting if it wasn’t for the other players trying to block your every move. To add an extra twist, there’s no actual board, it’s a game with no boundaries and the possibility of moving tiles at the end of the game to score that row of 5 keeps you second guessing your opponents next move.

Ok Play is an Easy to learn, tricky to win but a highly addictive game. You have been warned! Big Potato Games have pulled all the stops with Ok Play and Ok Play Duet (2 player) version, as they both come with carabiner clips, making it super easy to clip to your bag and off you go!

– Players: 2–4 (up to 6 players when combining Ok Play & Ok Play Duet)
– Playing time: 5 – 15 Min
– Age: 8+

Who did it?

“It was not my hamster that pooped in the living room, but I think it was someone’s rabbit” A fun filled hilarious game all about whose pet is guilty of doing the number 2! A sure winner for the kids, as you race to prove your 6 pets innocence of the crime. Was it someone’s goldfish?! A turtle? YOUR turtle? Make sure to act quickly and blame another person’s pet as everyone tries to figure out who pooped in the living room.

Each round ends once an animal is found to be guilty of doing the number 2. There are two ways this can happen: The last player who doesn’t successfully pass the blame to another animal owns the guilty pet as there is no one left to take the blame. The second scenario is if a player tried to pass the blame to another animal, nut nobody has that card left in their hand. As there is no pet to pass the blame you’re awarded with a guilty poop token.

Great fun with 3-6 players, this is a short but poop-tastic game for ages 6+. A well recommended game to take with you on your family holiday.

– Players: 3–6
– Playing time: 5 – 15 Min
– Age: 6+

Dino Dump

What’s better for a 6+ year old than dinosaurs and poo?! It’s the perfect travel sized game for all dinosaur fans and with the title of ‘Dino Dump’ it leaves nothing to the imagination. **Warning** Be prepared to sniff the most stinkiest stickers known to man.. and dinosaur for that matter! If you’re feeling brave give a sticker a scratch and sniff and see if you’ll survive or become extinct. Watch everyones faces as they sniff – guaranteed amusement!

Dino Dump is a super-fun speedy card game that’s kid friendly and compact, making it perfect for a family holiday, or even at the airport. The aim is to get rid of your cards as fast as possible. The last player with cards in their hand must stick a poo sticker on themselves – make sure to wear it with poo-ride!

A firm family favourite especially for those who are dinosaur obsessed, perhaps with a slightly unhealthy interest in poo too! Great humour, well recommended for a quick fire game with plenty of laughs.

– Players: 2–4
– Playing time: 10 Min
– Age: 6+