With a few family members and friends who have recently been on a cruise, it made us realise we have totally ignored this method of travel. Everyone always talks about when to book to get the cheapest seat price for a flight, or how to travel by land, but we haven’t noticed many talking about travel by sea. Which after all, makes up to 71% of Earth’s surface – (that’s a crazy fact when you think about it!) So to us and maybe yourself, cruise holidays are a little mysterious. We’ve decided to do a little investigating and put together some facts about this type of travel. You never know, you may think again booking that long haul flight and instead take some time out by relaxing in the middle of the Caribbean Sea.

We have spent time to put together all the benefits of travelling by the ocean that you may not have initially thought about when booking for your next holiday round the world…

10 Secrets Why Cruises are the Best Way to Travel

Great value for money – The popular perception of cruise holidays is that they’re expensive, but this isn’t actually true. In fact, cruises actually offer more for your money because the price you pay includes everything; accommodation, food, entertainment and transport. A great tip is to look at last-minute cruises, you will often find prices are slashed with some staggering discounts to be taken advantage of.

Easy to plan – This leads us to the next point: cruises are easy to plan because you can simply relax and effortlessly find yourself in some of the most beautiful and historical places around the world. So easy to plan that has everything a traveller needs for a good holiday. If you’re travelling as part of a group, many cruise liners have streamlined booking terms designed just for groups. If you book enough cabins, you can even get perks, like a free fare.

Convenient – Unlike other types of holiday or travelling, going on a cruise means that you’ll only unpack your suitcase once, and no need to carry a huge backpack when walking around your favourite destinations.

Huge variety of destinations – From different boats to different destinations, cruises take passengers to the Caribbean, Central America, the Mediterranean and many countries and cities in between.

Amazing cuisine – If there’s diversity in the cruise’s itinerary, then there’s certainly diversity in its cuisine. While all ships will offer favourite foods, like chips and pizza, they’ll offer lots of other foods from all over the world – a great chance to try a dish you’ve always been tempted to taste.

Fun activities – When you go on a cruise the important thing to remember is that they’re designed to cater to everyone. While some people may like to relax at the spa, others may want to be living large at the casino, or taking their chances climbing the climbing wall. Check the activities sign up, what classes can you do? Why not do something totally different, like learning a language or go to a wine tasting?

Absolute simplicity – Booking a cruise holiday means that you don’t have to worry about booking a hotel, further travel, or drag your suitcase around with you. In fact, it means that you don’t have to do anything at all, just sit back relax and enjoy the trip.

Full of home comforts – Today’s cruise ships are designed to be a home from home experience. This means that they are packed full of the kind of things that passengers are used to having at home, with everything from phone service, to satellite TV, to movies and wifi all included as standard.

A truly social holiday – If you love to meet people, then cruises are full of opportunities to make new friends and connections. On board, you’ll meet people everywhere, from the deck to the dinner table, from the bar to the pool.

If you’ve been on a cruise holiday before, then you’ll probably agree with everything above. Please do let us know if there’s anything we have missed off the list, or your experiences being on a cruise.