What do Matthew Kepnes, Samuel Jeffery, Audrey Bergner and Graham Hughes all have in common? They are all expert bloggers in backpacking and world travel and have shared their best travel tips with Round the World we go. We have managed to find the very best experts in world travel across the world-wide web and asked them to share their favourite travel tips with us, for you!

Each travel tip has been made tweetable – so not only can you discover some of the very best travel secrets, but you can share your favourite tips with your friends. Curating the best all time travel tips from the world’s expert backpackers and travellers has ensured we have all the advice you could ever need for the next time you travel the world – ENJOY!

50+ Expert Travel Tips

1. “Go with the flow. Sketch out your general route and plan but let the details fill themselves in each day. You’ll have more fun and be less stressed.”

Matthew Kepnes, nomadicmatt.comTravel Tip

2. “When booking anything online (flights, tours, everything), look for Promo codes that can save you money.”

Nick Dariece, goatsontheroad.com Travel Tip

3. “When planning a trip make sure to have a flexible itinerary that will allow you to change your schedule easily while on location”

Samuel Jeffery, nomadicsamuel.com Travel Tip

4. “Invest in a portable safe – Even in simple guesthouses, you’ll have a safe for your valuables!”

Kate McCulley, adventurouskate.com Travel Tip

5. “Don’t forgot to tear up the plans from time to time, and go with the flow. Sometimes the best adventures are the ones we don’t plan for!”

Laurence Norah, findingtheuniverse.com Travel Tip

6. “Splurge on packing cubes, they are invaluable as they compress clothes and help you organize.”

Ayngelina Brogan, baconismagic.ca Travel Tip

7. “Opening your eyes and mind to connecting with others matters more than getting off the beaten path.”

Jodi Ettenberg, legalnomads.com Travel Tip

8. “Travel is full of serendipitous surprises. Plan an outline of your trip, but be flexible in your plans!”

Audrey Bergner, thatbackpacker.com Travel Tip

9. “If you can go with the flow, all you need is a one-way ticket and a credit card to start any adventure.”

Gary Arndt, everything-everywhere.com Travel Tip

10. “Eat where the locals eat. That’s where you’ll find the best food”

Adam Boston, roundtheworldwego.com Travel Tip

11. “Lay out your clothes and any other belongings you wish to take with you, and pack only half. It’s always so much easier to travel light.”

Paul Johnson, aluxurytravelblog.comTravel Tip

12. “Don’t over plan – sometimes the unexpected is the best.”

Theodora Sutcliffe, escapeartistes.com Travel Tip

13. “Plan sparingly. Have a few trajectories in mind and follow whichever best suits the energy of your destination.”

Robert Schrader, leaveyourdailyhell.com Travel Tip

14. “Send your travel reservations to Tripit which can be viewed on mobile and will save printing.”

James Clark, nomadicnotes.com Travel Tip

15. “Planning should be a fluid concept, research the top few things in each country on a map and draw a dirty big red line through them!”

Johnny Ward, onestep4ward.com Travel Tip

16. “Airfare is expensive 🙁 Be flexible when shopping for flights. Often varying travel dates result in better fares.”

Dave, davestravelcorner.com Travel Tip

17. “Don’t over plan – you’ll stifle serendipity & kill your ability to fit reality. Plan for improvising. That’s how adventure happen.”

Mike Sowden, mikesowden.org Travel Tip

18. “Build some flexibility into your travel itinerary; leave room to be spontaneous!”

Amanda Williams, dangerous-business.comTravel Tip

19. “Check to see if your destination has a Greeter program. If yes, you’ll get a local experience and it will be free!”

Janice Waugh, solotravelerblog.com Travel Tip

20. “When planning a family trip, never overbook yourselves with tour. Kids can only handle one tour at most per day!”

Marina Villatoro, travelexperta.com Travel Tip

21. “Buy the Lonely Planet Kindle editions and use them on your phone or other device!”

Lisa Niver Rajna, wesaidgotravel.comTravel Tip

22. “Solo travelers meet so many people, so quickly, on the road who have great tips and things to do that you’ll never get from a guidebook.”

Michael Hodson, goseewrite.com Travel Tip

23. “Make sure to leave room for delays. A loose schedule is best and always ask the locals for money saving tips on transportation”

Christy Woodrow, ordinarytraveler.com Travel Tip

24. “I always love to take food tours when I travel. Who wants to travel on an empty stomach?”

Adam Groffman, travelsofadam.com Travel Tip

25. “When traveling use your phone’s camera to snap photos of important details: airport parking location, luggage, kids, & even hotel/flight confirmation numbers.”

Beth Blair, thevacationgals.com Travel Tip

26. “Use packing cubes to organize your bag and keep it all sorted – they’re a life saver on the road!”

Shannon O’Donnell, alittleadrift.com Travel Tip

27. “Never accept the first price, especially when travelling to developing nations. Always do some window shopping before making a final decision”

Cameron Wears, travelingcanucks.com Travel Tip

28. “Visit fewer countries/cities and spend more time in each. More time learning and enjoying and less time in a bus.”

Wes Nations, johnnyvagabond.com Travel Tip

29. “Plan for more time than you think you need: slow travel is far more rewarding!”

Dalene Heck, hecktictravels.com Travel Tip

30. “When traveling to a different country, learn a few words in the local language like Hello, Please, Thank You”

Annette White, bucketlistjourney.net Travel Tip

31. “Our 1 Trip Rule: Pack to carry everything at once from cab to hotel etc. Simple & safe, no bags left behind!”

David & Veronica, gypsynester.comTravel Tip

32. “Try travelling Bear Grylls style with a carry-on size pack to save your precious back and money on luggage check in fees!”

Kate, thelostlondoner.com Travel Tip

33. “It’s not necessarily wise to book tours before you leave. Often you’ll find things are cheaper at your destination.”

Victoria Brewood, pommietravels.com Travel Tip

34. “Lay out everything you want to take with you, then half it and double your travel budget”

Chris Richardson, theaussienomad.com Travel Tip

35. “Expect things to go wrong because they often do. Make plans for every eventuality”

Lauren Juliff, neverendingfootsteps.com Travel Tip

36. “Always pack a pair of earplugs. A good night’s sleep on the road is golden.”

Audrey Scott, uncorneredmarket.com Travel Tip

37. “Makes lists of travel essentials, carry on & checked bags to reuse every trip. It saves time & nothing’s forgotten.”

Annabel Candy, getinthehotspot.com Travel Tip

38. “Prepare a few options to pay for purchases. If one card is declined, you’ll have back-ups!”

Deia, nomadwallet.com Travel Tip

39. “Forget the typical bucket list items; base your travel plans on the things you actually want to do.”

Catherine McHugh, everchangingscenery.com Travel Tip

40. “Save cash when flying by bringing a maximum sized carry on and ‘personal item”

Andy Feliciotti, ihitthebutton.com Travel Tip

41. “Organise but don’t over organise your travels. We call it serendipity.”

Paula McInerney, contentedtraveller.comTravel Tip

42. “Learn a little of the local language, you never know when this may come in handy and it’s likely to be met with a smile!”

Rough Guides, roughguides.com Travel Tip

43. “Book a food tour. It gives you insight into the culture and you get a full stomach in the process.”

Leah Travels, leahtravels.com Travel Tip

44. “Ask your favourite travel blogger via Twitter for recommendations – they’re really friendly & helpful”

Dave and Deb, theplanetd.com Travel Tip

45. “Read reviews but take them with a grain of salt. Everyone’s expectations and travel experiences are unique”

Rhonda Krause, travelyesplease.com Travel Tip

46. “Get good travel insurance! This is not something to skip, you never know what might happen.”

Sharon Gourlay, wheressharon.com Travel Tip

47. “Use plastic Zip-Loc bags for organising stuff: your carry-on to efficiently packing socks, underwear and other small items.”

Matthew Long, landlopers.com Travel Tip

48. “Always travel with a sarong. You can use them for virtually anything, but they are so small and lightweight you won’t notice them in your bag.”

Casey Siemasko, acruisingcouple.com Travel Tip

49. “Be prepared to sleep anywhere. Ear plugs & eye masks will help block out the light for a good nights sleep.”

Kate Owen, roundtheworldwego.comTravel Tip

50. “Learn how to say “no thank you” when travelling to save yourself continually being pestered.”

Adam Boston, roundtheworldwego.com Travel Tip

51. “Traveling by train? Take only luggage that you can lift onto the train yourself. Storage is often overhead.”

Terri, EuropeUpClose.comTravel Tip

52. “While visiting the sights has its benefits, the most memorable experiences will involve your interactions with other people you come across along the way….pay attention to the handshakes, the exchanged smiles, the small conversations you share and see what you can learn from each.”

Earl Baron, wanderingearl.com Travel Tip

53. “Pack less, plan ahead less, and travel more!”

Hannah & Adam, gettingstamped.com Travel Tip


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