As we have recently dug the tent out and went camping in the New Forest this Easter (blog post to come!), we thought it would be fun to see which type of camper we are, but more importantly – what type of camper are you?

So, many types of people may find themselves stuffed into a car with sleeping bags, tents and snacks. From the nature lovers to the mall rats and everywhere between, camping holds something for everyone and we agree with this statement. It really doesn’t matter where you are from, what you usually do.

The great thing with camping is it’s for everyone and for me there’s this amazing sense of feeling being close to nature and back to basics. There’s no handy iPhone app to create a fire for example.. it’s all about being manly (for us guys) to start a fire with no help, etc. No television to watch, Netflix or even a Playstation, give yourself time to take in the world we live in. Even at night you have the stars to gaze up to, whilst sitting around a camp fire. As I’m writing this I’m starting to plan our next camping trip 😀

7 types of campers

Make sure you let us know which type of camper you are… we promise not to judge!