A BIG hello from us! Adam and Kate, a British couple who love to travel. We are just starting out with our blog which is well on its way to being up and running (as you can see).

We hope to plan out our future round the world trip with blog posts, tips we’ve already picked up, pictures of places to visit and a general travel vibe. As we do this we aim to give others (that’s you!) inspiration to taking the plunge and travel.. whether it’s a few days or 18 months!

So our initial plan is to fly East to West across the globe, as do many others so we’ve recently discovered. By the looks of this, it seems the prices of flights is cheaper this way which must be the main reason it’s the current trend.

As both of us have only really explored just the surface of the world has to offer so far, we plan on making this the trip of all trips, trying to see as much as we can whilst getting lost in the world.

Having read various well-known travel sites and blogs, we know that there’s no rush to travel and one that shouldn’t be rushed at all. (Who wants to roll out a list of places they’ve been to, but not even experienced in its true way) Instead we plan on a slow-paced, relaxed approach to not just see a place through our eyes, but to experience what it’s like to live and breathe there. A route and itinerary doesn’t always mean you can’t take a step off the beaten path either, we see it more as a ‘guideline’ as no matter where our journey takes as, we know it’ll be full of new experiences, stories to tell good or bad and memories to keep forever.

We are very open to suggestions of places to visit, things not to miss and any other recommendations so please don’t hesitate! – It’ll not only help us, but other future travellers reading our blog. We look forward to you following us… 🙂