Whether you have started planning your 2017 holidays yet or not, we are sure you are looking to travel smart and get the best value for your money. All inclusive holidays vs self catering. It’s a common dilemma for many holidaymakers who are looking for the most cost effective holiday, and we don’t blame you. With so many competitive holiday deals available it’s hard to work out what really is the best way to travel. We’re here to help you make the decision for once and for all.

No matter if you’re a strict self catering holidaymaker or an all inclusive holiday convert, which is actually best for you?

 Why go All Inclusive?

If you love to indulge whilst on holiday, taking an all inclusive break is the perfect choice to make. Eat and drink to your hearts content without any extra worry about bills.

  • No need to worry about flights and transfers as they are included in the price
  • You can enjoy your holiday without having to worry about going shopping for food
  • No washing up the dishes, preparing food, thinking about what to cook
  • All food and drink is included, have yourself a feast
  • Three meals a day, many buffet style allowing you to choose what you like
  • Sit back knowing everything is sorted for you already
  • Many places offer à la carte restaurants, plus extra treats like beach barbecues, crêpe stations and afternoon teas
  • Entertainment and activities are often included
  • No unexpected bills when you get home
  • Treat yourself without having to fork out every five minutes for a drink or ice cream
  • Keep the family entertained with daytime activities and evening entertainment included

Almost sounds too good to be true, but this is what all inclusive is all about. It’s a choice for families to really consider, children can be stressful at times, and what better way to keep them entertained with all the activities and kid’s clubs on offer.

However, we recommend you don’t get carried away without checking the details when you find the accommodation you’d like to book. Some places will charge extra for premium alcohol brands for example, whilst others will offer it as an upgrade package. It is always worth checking as there may be something missing from the list that is important to you, i.e. activities are an additional fee. Every resort / accommodation has its own offering, so check what’s on offer before you book. Otherwise, enjoy yourself a worry free holiday.



What about Self Catering?

Are you an avid holiday maker who loves to cook their own food? Whether it’s for dietary requirements or a family full of fussy eaters, going your own way with cooking has plenty of benefits…

  • You can eat and drink early, late, anytime – you have the ultimate freedom to decide
  • Catering for the fussy eaters is much easier knowing all their favourite foods from home
  • Save yourself money by buying drinks and food in bulk from local supermarkets
  • You can take food with you from home
  • Control your budget – only buy what you need for your holiday
  • You are able to enjoy snacks as much as you like without worrying about the bill
  • You are still able to eat out at restaurants, pick and choose when

As always, with the benefits come with some negatives. If you choose a self catering holiday, you’ll need to put the effort and work in, whilst you are on holiday. To some preparing meals is no problem at all, but if you’re on a big family holiday it can become a little daunting and the fun can soon go out of the window. Why not add some fun into cooking by getting everyone in the holiday party involved, adults and children.

Whether you are staying in an apartment, villa, etc. you will need to check the local area to make sure there are places to buy food and drink and the prices are reasonable. The cost of living at some destinations can ruin any budget, so plan ahead.