Pretty much every getaway, holiday, city break and adventure, we have at some stage used a vehicle on the road for travel purposes. I’m pretty sure most of us all know the rules of the road in our home countries and where we may reside BUT how many of us know the norm driving abroad or worldwide?

Thanks to Woodstock Motors, they have compiled an AWESOME insight into how driving is approached around the world..

It’s safe to say we’ve learnt a thing or two ourselves, who imagined you could drive a car at the age of 14 in Ethiopia! Just the thought of driving that young scares us..

So before the next time you think about driving abroad or booking a hire car, why not give some of these facts a thought.

driving worldwide

We are from the UK and happily drive on the left.. There’s that funny on going joke where anyone else who doesn’t drive on the left is “driving on the wrong side” – BUT what’s the norm in your country?

Is there anything odd with your rules of the road we should know? Comment below to tell us more.