We are very excited to share to you our ultimate list of Travel Packing Tipsstraight from the travel experts.

Be assured, your packing nightmares are now over! We have managed to collaborate a list of the best travel packing tips from the top travel bloggers to provide you with all the best secrets to keep you travelling light and to keep your back from breaking!


Expert Travel Packing Tips

1. “Pack an unused bin liner, use it to cover your backpack during bad weather to save your belongings” Travel Tip

2. “Pack an iPod – travelling without music on long journeys can be tedious and no fun. The songs you listen to will forever remind you of your travels” Travel Tip

3. “Get a global SIM card and save big bucks on international calls, texts and data use.” Travel Tip

4. “Before you pack your passport, make sure it’s not about to expire. Some countries require at least 6 months validity” Travel Tip

5. “Wet wipes are a gift from the travel Gods. Use them to freshen up, clean up any cuts or scratches” Travel Tip

6. “Take a torch, don’t be that person who returns to the dorm room late at night and switches the main lights on, waking everyone up!” Travel Tip

7. “Separate your bank cards, cash, credit cards as much as possible in different bags and wallets just in case anything is lost or stolen” Travel Tip

8. “Pack some essentials at the top of your bag so you don’t have to unpack everything when you get to your destination” Travel Tip

9. “Save strain on your back by packing heavy items in the middle of your backpack and as close to your back as possible” Travel Tip

10. “Buy the best backpack you can afford. You want to be sure it’ll withstand the abuse it will take while you travel” Travel Tip

11. “Make sure you get the right level of cover for travel insurance so that you can replace essential items if they become lost or stolen” Travel Tip

12. “If travelling as a pair or group, buddy up. share the load of what you take and make sure not to double up on items you don’t need to” Travel Tip

13. “Separate liquid items away from the rest of your belongings. That way, if a bottle becomes damaged, it won’t ruin your wardrobe” Travel Tip

14. “Get a Sarong. They work well as a wrap, blankets, and to dry yourself off with. They’re super light and dry very quickly” Travel Tip

15. “Always pack important/special items in your hand luggage, as backpacks can get lost from time to time” Travel Tip

16. “Always pack a few plastic shopping bags. They are great for swiping food for later from the buffet breakfast” Travel Tip

17. “Don’t pack too many clothes! you’ll probably end up wearing the same few pieces & gives you a chance to buy new clothes whilst travelling” Travel Tip

18. “Identify your luggage easily at the luggage carousel by adding a colourful tie / strap / scarf to your backpack” Travel Tip

19. “Roll your clothes – Don’t fold! Saves a vast amount of space and helps avoid creases” Travel Tip

20. “Swapping clothes with other travellers is perfect to lighten your load when you’re changing climate” Travel Tip

21. “After a long flight, keep a spare top in your hand luggage to change into upon landing – you’ll instantly feel fresh” Travel Tip

22. “Pack lots of layers instead of a big coat that takes up valuable packing space, and keeps you prepared for all weathers” Travel Tip

23. “Don’t forget the duct tape. Perfect for quickly fixing holes or broken backpacks straps” Travel Tip

24. “When travelling on a short trip: pack your old underwear, once worn you can simply throw away to save space” Travel Tip

25. “Pack a spork to make your street food experiences easier and more enjoyable” Travel Tip


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