Wow.. what a breathtaking experience! This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of a few places we’ve visited that’ll make your jaw drop as you stand still in utter awe to mother nature. To help put how large the Grand Canyon is into perspective the trip from one rim to the other is over 200 miles of driving. However, for the brave or just completely mad/bonkers/crazy the distance across the canyon by foot is 21 miles via the Kaibab Trails.

In 2012 we got the amazing opportunity of going on a road trip in an RV around America. This part of the trip was a favourite, along with Zion National Park, which I will blog about later 😀 Now the Grand Canyon may not be the World’s deepest, or the widest, but one fact that really stood out to us was that it reveals 40% of the World’s history.. deep huh!

Grand Canyon

10 Things to see and do

1. Grand Canyon Visitor Center – This is a good place to start out on your visit to Grand Canyon National Park, as it will give you an overview of what you can find.

2. Mule Trips – There’s no better way to see the Grand Canyon than riding on a mule. This can give you the feeling of being a pioneer from another era.

3. River Trips – You can experience Grand Canyon National Park along the Diamond Creek or Colorado rivers.

4. Kolb Studio – home and now gallery of the Kolb brothers, who were famous photographers and filmmakers around 100 years ago.

5. Grand Canyon Railway – This is a chance to ride aboard an old-fashioned railway car and see some of the breathtaking scenery while hearing fascinating stories and facts about the area.

6. Helicopter Tours – If you really want to experience the Grand Canyon in a spectacular manner, you should see it from the vantage point of a helicopter.

7. Desert View Drive – This is a scenic road that is near the park’s east entrance. It has some great views, along with picnic areas.

8. Tusayan Ruins and Museum – This is the site of a Pueblo village from almost a thousand years ago, located along the Desert View.

9. Camper Village – This is the place to go if you want to camp out in Grand Canyon National Park. You can camp out here with a tent, RV or motor home.

10. Yavapai Museum of Geology – This museum will fascinate anyone who is interested in geology. The Grand Canyon region has some of the most interested geological formations in the world.

So there we have it, another one checked off the bucket list for us! Have you been to the Gran Canyon? What were your highlights? Think we’ve missed something out of interest? Let us know… 😀