Following our post on how to poop in the woods, we thought we would share a topic which is a little more serious when camping, or out in the open – Hypothermia. Now as you are reading this you might be nice and snug in the warm, but when you adventure the outdoors you are set to experience all types of weather and should be prepared for the worst. (It’s always going to rain isn’t it? – Typical!)

It’s always colder in the mountains so no matter where you’re headed on your next backpacking adventure or what time of year it is, bring these cold fact with you. You never know, a quick read over these may in fact save your life (IF they actually do, let us know, but in all seriousness please take care out there!)

Remember hypothermia is deadly and unfortunately takes the lives of 600+ people a year so don’t take symptoms lightly!

How to survive Hypothermia

We are looking in the future to trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp, so we’ll be taking these survival tips with us. If you’ve been camping or treking and got caught out by the unpredictable weather, please let us know… including any other tips you’d reccomend to us.