Looking to cut costs and travel cheap without breaking the bank? What if I told you that you could save yourself time and money to enable you to travel even further for free?

We are providing you with the ultimate money saving travel tips to keep you travelling and to fight off that dreaded return flight home!


Money Saving Travel Tips

1. “Make the most of your hand luggage, most airlines don’t impose weight restrictions” Travel Tip

2. “Book as much overland travel as you can in advance and the more you’ll save” Travel Tip

3. “Step away from the strip: restaurants & bars off the tourist streets will be half the price” Travel Tip

4. “Always visit the local tourist office and get a tourism card to save on attractions with large discounts” Travel Tip

5. “Need free GPS while travelling? Use Navfree, a nifty way to get local maps on your smartphone” Travel Tip

6. “When flying, get behind business travellers in security lines as families move slower and have more stuff” Travel Tip

7. “Liquids are banned through airport security, not food. Save money by pre-planning to avoid expensive airline snacks” Travel Tip

8. “Need internet on the go? Cafes, Starbucks, libraries usually have free wifi” Travel Tip

9. “Save money by staying in hostels with kitchens. Cook meals from the local supermarket for something authentic” Travel Tip

10. “In a city for a week or more? Renting an apartment can be cheaper than a hotel in many places.” Travel Tip

11. “Never wait until the airport for foreign cash, it’ll probably be the worst rates available” Travel Tip

12. “Unsure of your mobile price plan? Turn off data roaming to avoid shock charges and use free hotel wifi instead” Travel Tip

13. “Ensure your passport’s valid as some countries require passports to be valid for at least 6 months from arrival” Travel Tip

14. “If available, check in online to beat budget airline check in fees” Travel Tip

15. “Eat your main meal of the day at lunch. Most restaurants offer lunch specials considerably cheaper than evening meals” Travel Tip

16. “Need car hire on holiday? Book in advance and collect from the airport to save on transfer fees” Travel Tip

17. “If you are looking for a private room, most hostels offer rooms much cheaper than hotels” Travel Tip

18. “Always pre-book airport car parking to save hefty on the sport parking fees” Travel Tip

19. “Staying somewhere with free breakfast? Tuck into as much as you can handle to save paying for extra snacks during the day” Travel Tip

20. “Swapping clothes with other travellers is perfect to lighten your load when you’re changing climate” Travel Tip

21. “Visit historical sites at lunchtime as tour groups usually break for lunch leaving shorter queues.” Travel Tip

22. “Enjoy reading? Use libraries in hostels and hotels to swap your book with another instead of paying for new books” Travel Tip

23. “Eat on the Street: save your money by eating from busy food stalls, sometimes they can be as good or better than expensive restaurants” Travel Tip

24. “When eating out, remember international cuisines are usually more expensive than local food” Travel Tip

25. “Stay with locals for free and get a more personal visit by using sites like Couchsurfing” Travel Tip


Be a savvy traveller with our money saving travel tips, to keep you travelling for longer.

If you have any money saving travel tips let us know and we’ll include them 🙂