In June 2012 we both took up the chance to drive along the famous Route 66 during our road trip across California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada. This is a must for all, you don’t even have to be interested in cars or even Harley Davidson’s to experience this fantastic piece of road (well what’s left of it). In case you didn’t realise just how far the original historic Route 66 spans, it starts in Chicago, crosses 8 states, through 3 different time zones and finally ends in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. You can soon work out why it’s also known as “The Mother Road” being 2448 miles long – yes that is 2448 miles!

As we were cruising through California into Arizona we had the chance of driving along some of the historic route, with one of our first stops being Seligman. This small town is a great stop over and is certainly dressed for tourism nowadays. There are various shops, diner’s and even a road kill cafe that have been decorated with Route 66 signs and some of the most weird and wacky designs. This includes an old American convertible classic car with a life-sized Santa Claus!?! I can kind of see why everything here is a little crazy and out of the norm; due to the Route 66 being decommissioned the replacement interstate 40 has literally killed this once thriving town. That sounds a little sad, but I actually really enjoyed Seligman as a bit of fun along our road trip and as the saying goes, “Get your kicks on Route 66!


Once we moved on from Seligman to continue on our road trip (next stop was Bearizona! 😀 ) we ended up 2000 miles later saying farewell to Route 66 in Santa Monica – what better way to finish the iconic Route 66 as it ends at the sea! The pier is full of fun and food! Get yourself on a roller coaster or simply take a stroll.. either way you’ll have a great time as we did!

We would recommend this to anyone! – Have you been already? What was your highlight of the Route 66?