Following on from our post on how to choose and use a backpack, we wanted to continue with the theme and help keep you travel light. I’m not sure if it’s the thought of traveling half way across the world that makes our natural instinct pack everything we can, but we’ve discovered a flowchart to keep you from a back-breaking journey!

You’ll find great tips to keep yourself from packing too heavy and unnecessary items that are available around the world. A little further down the page you’ll also see our ‘20 Tips for Packing the Perfect Backpack


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20 Tips for Packing the Perfect Backpack


Roll your clothes – You’ll be surprised how much space you save by not folding your clothes – also helps avoid creases!

Bring Gaffer Tape – The multipurpose tool that’s perfect for quickly fixing broken straps or holes in backpacks.

Pack plastic bags – You may end up with dirty shoes or wet swimwear you want to keep away from the rest of your gear.

Bring a lock – This will help to deter thieves and keep unwanted hands out of your backpack.

Save Weight – Only take a few essentials with you – suncream, shampoo, toothpaste etc. Remember you’ll be able to buy these in most places!

Don’t pack too many clothes – You can buy clothes along your journey that can also act as souvenirs. Remember the more you bring the heavier it’ll be to carry!

Don’t get a bag that’s too big – It may seem tempting to buy a large backpack but only fill it with essential items! – The lighter it is, the better it’ll be to carry.

Stand out from the crowd – Make your backpack obvious to you so you can identify it at the luggage carousel to save time.

Do things by halves – Do a packing trial run with everything you think you’ll need, then unpack it all and half it!

Think about your first night – this is one thing quite a few people probably don’t consider. Pack some essentials at the top of your bag so you don’t have to unpack everything when you reach your destination.

Dry bags – Organise your bag by separating out your clothes into categories (shorts/t-shorts/leggings etc) and packing them in separate bags. It will make things easier to find and will add another layer of waterproofing.

Suitcase bag – If you prefer the ease of a suitcase but also the comfort of a backpack, get a mix of both! It’s possible to get backpacks that unzip like a suitcase so you can find things easier.

Get a water proof bag cover – Chances are you’ll meet all kinds of weather on the road, so a waterproof cover will help to keep your backpack and its contents in tip top condition.

Layer up! – Use lots of layers instead of one thick coat. you’ll be prepared for all types of weather and still save space in your backpack.

Keep your important things with you – Remember bags can get lost, especially at airports! – Make sure anything important goes in your hand luggage, just in case.

Buddy Up – If you’re travelling with someone else make sure you don’t double take the same stuff that isn’t essential.

Make a list – Before packing make a list to what you have, still need to get, and what you don’t really need.

Ease the Strain – Don;t injure yourself with a badly packed backpack. Put heavy things in the middle as close to your back as possible.

Buy the best backpack you can afford – Remember this is going to keep your belongings safe throughout your trip. Don’t skimp on something you’ll want to be as sturdy and reliable as possible.

Ensure you’re insured – Make sure you get insurance so that you can replace anything that gets lost or stolen whilst on your travels!


Do you have any tips on packing your backpack? Let us know if there’s any essential travel items we should take, or items you ended up not using…